How to Survive Ninth Grade

Dear Freshmen,

Are you worrying about how to make it in high school? Not to fear, this letter will be telling you how to survive your first year of high school. First we’ll go through how to get steady grades in high school. First thing to do is your work. If you just actually do your work, you can get a decent grade in almost every class, even if you don’t do that good on the test. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Some high school teachers can go really fast, but if you just ask them questions, they’ll help you and go over it with you. They’re not scary, they’re in school to help you. If your looking for the higher grades, I suggest you just study. Last minute studying does not help you in high school, each night make sure you know the material that your teacher was going over and if you don’t, just ask. Now to people scared of making friends in high school, I won’t sweeten it for you. It’s hard to make new friends.  I suggest you stick with your middle school friends and if none of your middle school friends are in your classes, just be yourself. Their are so many different groups in high school, you’ll fit in to one of them. It’s really as easy as that, just don’t be scared and go with the flow.



Of Mice and Men: Journal Entry Number 2- Is Any Violence Justified?

Violence is harming someone else. Most of us would say that violence should be avoided, but when you see a man fight to defend their family, violence is all of a sudden praised for. Who could blame you, everyone would think that. Even though I want to say violence can never be justified, I think in a few circumstances it can. I agree we use violence way too much to solve our problems, but sometimes its all you have. Our teacher showed us a man that beat someone up when he found him molesting his son. Many people in the class were disgusted at the molester and said that his violence was justified, but in that circumstance I don’t think it was. Instead of the man focusing on fighting the molester, I think he should of been more focus on comforting his son, he literally just got molested. Even though violence can sometimes be justified, it usually isn’t. The person could of avoided violence if they just thought of other options, it seems that harming someone is one of the first thing that comes to mind for humans to solve a problem. Sometimes violence is justified, but think about all the options before you resort to it.

Of Mice and Men: Journal Entry Number 1-What is Friendship?

We all have friends that we talk to. Your friends might be your family, people you met at school, people you met in your neighborhood and other places. Many people have different views on friendship, so this is just my opinion on what friendship means to me. Friendship is not that deep to me, in my opinion friendship is just interactions between people who know each other. If your talk to someone on a regular basis, you would recall them as a friend. I do agree that you do feel safer with your friends and you probably enjoy yourself more, but that’s just because you know them. Having friends is important though and makes life a lot more interesting. Think of it like this, if you don’t have friends you’re basically by yourself and since you know everything about yourself it doesn’t make anything that interesting, actually rather really boring. In my opinion getting to know a friend is the most fun thing of being in a friendship, since you don’t know anything about them. You have to have certain strategies on how to talk to them and confront them that doesn’t offend them. Then again my view of life is just to make it more interesting in your own way. So basically I guess friendship to me is trying to get to know more about someone you already know, if that makes sense. Guessing facts about someone and trying to learn about them more is basically all friendship is to me. Even with George and Lenny in mice and men, they still learn new things about each other and they spent their whole life together. Friendship is just a long road of trying to get to know people even more then you already do.

A True hero(Essay)

There are a million of fictional characters out their. Out of all of them their are a lot of heroes out there, but we’ll be looking at one main hero, Batman. Batman is the defender of Gotham City as many of you already know, but what makes him a true hero is more then just the fancy gadgets he has. Batman is a true hero because he has perseverance, selflessness, and courage.

The first trait that makes Batman a hero is his perseverance. Everyone knows that in many of his books and movies that Batman’s parents are dead. It wasn’t when he was an adult either, he was the age of 8 when his parents were killed by a criminal in front of his very eyes. This would have traumatized some people for the rest of their life, but not Batman. Batman actually swore to rid the whole city of evil, even when his parents died right in front of him. He persevered going through life. Even the death of his loved one wouldn’t stop him, but actually motivates him.

The second trait that makes Batman a hero is his selflessness. Batman would give anything to protect his city, but he doesn’t always has to risk his lives fighting while doing so. Batman true identity, Bruce Wayne, runes the Wayne foundation. One part of his foundation gives money for medical purposes, free clinics, advanced medical research, etc. The other part gives money to orphanages and and to improve education. Even when he’s not fighting crime to protect his city, he shows his selflessness by constantly putting in money to improve it.

The third trait that makes Batman a hero is his courage. Batman is very brave in doing what he does. Usually fictional characters have a super power they use to help them, Batman doesn’t have any superpowers to help defend him. Despite that still goes and fights crazy criminals that jeopardize his city everyday. In the comic story line of “The Dark Night Returns”, it says that Superman was sent to go and fight by orders of the U.S. president. Batman accepts to fight him so he can live on and defend his city, even though he’s at his 60s. Superman has powers that can destroy multiple planets easily, but Batman still agrees to fight him and to continue living and defending his city. That takes courage, which he displayed in this moment and many others throughout his life.

In conclusion Batman is a true hero because he has perseverance, selflessness, and courage. Those 3 virtues are needed for true heroes and Batman displays them all. Batman’s brave, he’s faced opponents that could destroy entire solar systems. He also has perseverance, pushing through things that would make others give up. Most importantly, he’s selfless, giving everything to protect his city weather its fighting crime or giving money to the poor.


The Need for Pain


It was a cold wintery night, you can see the shadows of many people dancing in the thick white snow. I left my sun warmth cabin not so long ago, about nine o’clock at night… There was music playing loudly, the music everyone likes to hear. I then got shot in the male grapefruit!!!! I was rushed to the hospital. I remember hearing the shouts of the nurses to get me into a room. I see light fly past me as I try to keep my eyes open. The doctor was waving a really bright flashlight in my eye. I could barely breath, and I was sweating like crazy.  My knees were weak, my arms: spaghetti. I was losing consciousness, and I was down. When I woke up they were done were done with stitching my male grapefruits up and telling my parents I was lucky to be alive. Soon I came to my senses and realized that this was all a dream, a dream of my wanting to be injured just to have some warmth rather than be in this ghost town that was frozen over. It was the best dream of pain, now I can imagine that I was one step closer to being dead which is all I ever wanted. Maybe in death, just maybe……, I can find the warmth I couldn’t find in life, maybe I could be loved.

Memory: Fake Fire Drills?

I was in the lunch room, the line was long so I was just sitting down and waiting. Suddenly out of nowhere a loud noise blared out. One of the custodians came and said that it wasn’t real, so I kind of didn’t get up. Then, another teacher came and said it was real and to go outside. This wasn’t the first time this happened so I doubt it was real, but we still had to go outside. It was raining decently hard and I didn’t have a jacket so I could feel the rain hitting on my skin. All I could see was a bunch of people surrounding each other. The smell of rain was clogging my nostrils. I just stood their beside the people I knew, waiting to head back inside. I could hear several conversations between students. It was very boring, this was the 2nd time this happened this day. I would of socialized with the people I knew, but who does that anymore? After a few minutes of just standing their talking a couple times to my friends, it was time to head inside. Imagine a flood of people going into three skinny doors, that was basically what it looked like. People started dashing to the lunch line trying to be the first one in it. I went back to where I was siting and waited for the line to go down, again. I still wonder why people pull the fire alarms, was it an accident? Do they do it on purpose to get out of class? I don’t really know, this was just a recent event that happened to me.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 10: Questions Answered!


How many posts did you write after the beginning of October?

I wrote 6 blog post after the beginning of October.

How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

4 of the post were school based and 2 of the post were set by the blogging challenge. Unfortunately I haven’t made any from my own interest, maybe I will in the future. 

How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

I’ve gotten 8 comments from classmates. I’ve gotten 2 comments from teachers and 7 comments from people not from my own school.

Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

My post called ” Life is good, Enjoy it,” was the post that received the most comments. I’m guessing more people could relate to it, since it was about not complaining about life and taking life in your own hands.

Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

I can’t really choose the one most enjoying, I enjoy all the post I created. That’s why I created them, and I had too. Heh.

Did you change blog themes at all and why?

I changed my theme to Halloween, because the challenge said I should. That’s the only major change I can remember.

How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

I have 6 widgets, I think this is not enough widgets and widgets could of probably made my blog more organized and appealing.

Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?

I used photos for class and wordle website to show some creativity on my blog.


Next I interviewed someone to check out my blog for the very first time, these are quotes from the person that interviewed my blog.

What were your first impressions of this blog?

“I like the background of the homepage it is really nice.”

What captured your attention?

“What captured my attention is the picture.”

What distracted you on the blog?


What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?

“There is nothing i can say you actually did good on your blog.”

I think the person was being a little bit nice.



Next is where I suggest things for the challenge, and how it could improve and what I thought about it. Also about what I did during the challenge.

What topics should be added

I think it could’ve viewed more into people’s hobbies, and maybe what people did for their free time. Also what people viewed about different topics. I think this would of helped us interact with each other more and know more about each other. It probably would of helped us express each other more.

The most interesting challenge for you

The most interesting challenge for me was the about me, helped us express ourselves the most and I enjoyed it.

How often you visited other blogs and left comments

I don’t do it that often, but when I do I leave a lot of comments down for a lot of different people. So not that constant, but a lot during each time.

Whether you read the challenge flipboard magazine

I don’t, sorry maybe I will in the near future.


The House on Mango Street: Feeling out of place.



I’ve felt out a place a lot in my life, but the most out of place I felt different was probably in Mango Street. I moved a lot when I was younger, so I kind of felt out of place in many places. Mango Street was the one I remember mostly, I remember when I sat near the window in my room looking at those four skinny trees. How I would compare them to me, being out of place and not belonging in mango street. I felt this way because everything was weird around me, I didn’t know anything. I felt alone, so many bad things were happening to me and I felt not as good as the others. For example, in the cafeteria “… lots of boys and girls watched while I cried and ate my sandwich…” (Cisneros 45). I also didn’t like my house, always hoping for  a better one. I was ashamed of it and probably was one of the main reasons I felt out of place. The word outcast means that you’re different from everyone else, you don’t belong with the people you’re surrounded by. Exactly how I felt on Mango Street.



My first few days of intermediate school was a situation where I felt really out of place. I felt this way because everyone in my elementary school were going to different schools and I was going to my intermediate school. This person and I were literally the only one going to my school. So on my first few days of intermediate school I didn’t know anyone and it felt like everyone else did, so I was feeling out of place. Outcast to me means you don’t fit in. You’re ignored by a crowd of people because you’re not like them.


Where I Feel Most Free

Freedom is taking differently by different people. People also feel free in different places then other people. The place I feel free is probably different than the place you feel free. Freedom is based on a person point of view, it’s not just the same thing among people. This blog is my point of view about freedom and where I feel the most free.

In my point of view I feel most free at my house. Since it’s my house and I know everything about it, I know the things I shouldn’t do and the things I should do. I feel like I can do a lot of things at my house than at other places.  I feel this because it’s my house and I can do anything I want that abides by the rules. Since I know all the rules and know that no one will criticize me at my house I just feel free and secure their.

I feel least free at other people’s houses. I feel this because I don’t know any of their rules and I might do something that’s not allowed in their house. Since most houses don’t have a huge board saying the rules of their household it’s always a guessing game for me. Since I don’t know any rules then that means that it can be all the rules. So I have to be very careful with what I say or what I do, so I don’t feel that much freedom their.

In my point of view freedom is a place where you can be yourself knowing that no one will disagree or criticize you for your own decisions. This is why there are so many places that anyone can be free. It’s based on if the person  feels like they can act like themselves without being shamed or criticized.



Dear Sobelle

Dear Sobelle,


Sobelle I felt honored to see your show. I think that many people should see this performance and learn something from it.  It wasn’t just a regular play/show, it was way more interesting. You interacted with the audience instead of making them just stand there and watch you. You made the audience apart of the show, which made the show a lot more exciting. You also always kept the audience guessing. It was like a mystery of what you were going to do next. It kept the show interesting.  You always kept us moving to, you moved to different parts of the room so that we were forced to move and interact with the people around us. You made the audience have to interact with each other to make us get a little bit closer to the people around us. Even though the performance was very entertaining you also were able to put out something we were able to learn and grasp for the many years of our future lives. I seriously recommend your show to anyone to watch!