Dear Sobelle

Dear Sobelle,


Sobelle I felt honored to see your show. I think that many people should see this performance and learn something from it.  It wasn’t just a regular play/show, it was way more interesting. You interacted with the audience instead of making them just stand there and watch you. You made the audience apart of the show, which made the show a lot more exciting. You also always kept the audience guessing. It was like a mystery of what you were going to do next. It kept the show interesting.  You always kept us moving to, you moved to different parts of the room so that we were forced to move and interact with the people around us. You made the audience have to interact with each other to make us get a little bit closer to the people around us. Even though the performance was very entertaining you also were able to put out something we were able to learn and grasp for the many years of our future lives. I seriously recommend your show to anyone to watch!

3 thoughts on “Dear Sobelle

  1. I couldn’t have described The Object Lesson better. Ore, your post touched the key points of the performance and really explained these points well, such as how Mr. Sobelle was able to entertain us and involved as well.

  2. I strongly agree with the performance. The performance was incredible it was better than what I would have expected. I like how you set up your letter.

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