Life is Good, Enjoy It

When I walk around places, I hear students complaining about stuff that shouldn’t be complained about. Stuff like, complaining why you don’t have a phone and about why you don’t have an allowance. First of all, you don’t even need any of those things at your age. I mean phones? There are so many social websites out there that you shouldn’t need a phone at all. The people that complain about allowances – why should you be getting constant free money for doing nothing at all? “I do my chores though,” is a common phrase people will say, but why do you think you should get payed for cleaning the house you live in? That should just be a common thing. Another common phrase is that “All my friends have it,”. Why would you care if all your friends have it? If all of them jumped off a cliff would you do it?

There are other things to do than just complain. You could actually do something about it.  If your parents won’t give you an allowance instead of complaining to them how about you go find some work for you to do. If you want things – how about you don’t complain about them and actually start doing things to get them? If you want something don’t always depend on someone else to do it for you, do it yourself. This teaches virtues like hard-work and responsibility that you should be trying to grow in order to prepare yourself for the future.

People are lucky to be even living. A lot of people die for random reasons: disease, shootings, etc.   So before you start complaining about things, just deal with it. It’s not so bad. There are way worse out there,  just move on and go on with life. Life can be good, so enjoy it. There are so many more things that are fun then that thing you’re complaining about.


9 thoughts on “Life is Good, Enjoy It

  1. I agree, we shouldn’t complain on the things that we want. We are glad to be living right now and should enjoy it to the fullest since we only live once. Your writing was very emphatic, your point was clear and well explained. You even gave examples in which is true that you really believe that. We shouldn’t waste our lives on just complaining, just enjoy it!

  2. I like how you take phrases like “all my friends have It” and give them another meaning, I also like how your writing seems serious yet optimistic like people complaining about not having something since you are right the people who are complaining are the ones that made it through and got to live this long, wait until they get out into the real world then let’s see how bad it’ll be then.

  3. I loved how you gave examples of people complaining over the slightest things. I also really enjoyed how you concluded your blog with the fact that people should be happy to be alive. Well said Ore.

  4. This is a really good topic! I like how you showed in this that money in life doesn’t matter. And you’re right. People should be happy for what they have and not complain for what they don’t. Nice job

  5. I can not tell you how much I relate to you. Growing up in my house we did our chores without getting paid. Why should our parents give us money for things we should just do? Our parents feed us and put a roof over our head, is doing dishes really that bad? Your writing was easy to follow and casual. I enjoyed reading it!

  6. You’re so right about people always complaining about what they don’t have. You really don’t hear people complaining about World Hunger. But, you do hear them complain about slow wifi, or something of the sort. We should be thankful for what we have. You had a cool, casual tone with your post.

  7. Very well put, Ore. I thought this post highlighted the importance of appreciation – that not everything is in your favor, and that life is tough and depressing at some points. We shouldn’t get caught up in these menial things, and instead just be happy with what we have. The one thing I enjoyed the most about this post was the cool, calm, and casual conversation-like qualities you displayed in your writing. It made it feel like I was actually right next to you talking about the topic over a cup of coffee

  8. I love the concept you wrote here. I would encourage you to look beyond the post and open up your Menu options to add content to your top help bar. Remove the “Sample Page” from the top and add content that really shows off who you are and how awesome you are.

  9. Hey Ore!
    I loved how you wrote this, it was very casual. I also liked how you showed that you don’t need all these fancy gizmo’s to be happy and to just enjoy life, Your piece of writing was very crisp.

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