First days of Highschool

So, my high school just had created a new building for their school. It’s pretty cool, easy to navigate and a lot less crowded, It’s still pretty crowded but not as much as the old high school. It also has AC which is fine,  I don’t really care about the temperature to much, but a lot of other people think its a good update.  The new school feels like any other school to me, I don’t really feel a difference except that it uses a lot more technology to learn. Like we use Chromebooks in almost every class, I don’t know if it was like that before but that’s the only thing I felt different in the new school. This is my first year in school so I’m am considered a freshman and it can be really tough. First of all I’m in orchestra which means I’m in a class with 10th,11th, and 12th graders. Since they have experience they can play like the pieces of music we have to play with ease and I’m stuck just trying to figure out what one of the signs is or what note to play. Also being a freshmen and this being my first year of high school I know I have to study more to keep up with my classes. It isn’t something I can just remember so I have to take notes,study, and practice and it can be challenging sometimes, but i’m learning to manage my time and get used to it. My first few days of high school wasn’t that hard. All I had to do was memorize my classes and manage my time after school, basically trying to stop being lazy after school and to start doing work. I’m looking forward too all my classes, they all seem like their gonna be fun in the future and i’m looking forward to learning new things and enjoying myself along the way of 9th grade. The difficulties will probably participating in class more, since i’m usually shy and don’t like expressing myself that much, but I know I should try to be more socially out their and try to participate in class more. Hopefully this will be one of my best school years.


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  1. I like how you talk about informing to the readers that you need to study more and do more work.I also think that is nice that you are being helpful while being informative to everyone.Another thing is that you do a good job listing everything.

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